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Howdy. If you came here to look at the work, mosey on over to the side panel.
And if you want to learn a bit about this guy, keep on scrolling. 

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Well, hey there. Glad you're here. Usually, when people see a “fish guy”, they swipe right past (or left). So thanks for hanging with me. I guess it’s time to talk about myself. 


I'm a writer, who constantly tries to make ads into comedy bits. 

I love to cook and I make a meaaaaaan gumbo.


I once spent 3 months hiking the Rocky Mountains. You should too. 


I have been called “the unexpected idea guy” by many. 


I’m a MASSIVE Alabama football fan (apologies in advance)

My two dogs Woodford (Brittany) and Ellie (Daschund) are my whole life. 


I’m an excellent bowler.

I'm unapologetically a Southerner.

I love the outdoors.


I collect whiskey, run a whiskey society with my friends, and I am dying to talk to you about it. 


I can play just enough guitar to entertain a
small campfire. 


I have family members who won the Memphis in May bbq competition, and I talk about it like I won. 


You can call me Texas Ranger if you want…I know you want to. 

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