Most millennials use Venmo for utilities, food, and gas. No one wants to be “that guy” who doesn’t pay their friends back.  "Money Talks" highlights Venmo’s USP; it’s social media driven online banking design.


Voice of Pizza (deep dish): male Chicago accent

Voice of Man: midwestern accent


Pizza Box: “MMMmmmm MMmmm Mmm”


*Man struggles trying to open the box and gives up.


Pizza Box: “What do you think you’re doing, guy? You want a piece of me?”


Man: “Actually...yeah.”


Pizza Box: “Don’t be a wise guy. You’re not getting any unless you Venmo Cindy.”


Narrator: “Venmo. Money Talks.”


*Scene changes to the man ripping a slice of the pizza out from the box.


Pizza Box: (Screams) “AGHHHHHH!”


Voice of Toilet: male NY Italian-American accent

Voice of Man: male midwestern accent


*Scene opens: Bathroom door opens, with a straight shot looking directly at a toilet.




Man: “What’s going on?”


Toilet: “Our roommate Jim said you didn’t Venmo him for the water bill.”


Man: “Oh…(nervous laugh) Sorry ‘bout that”


Toilet: “You better pay him, I’m dying of thirst over here. You wouldn’t want an accident to happen would you?”


Man: “No, I’ll  Venmo him right now.”

Narrator: “Venmo. Money Talks.”


*Scene flashes back to the close up of the toilet. A flush sound is heard.


Toilet: “Ahhhhhhhh”


Voice of gas cap: German male accent

Voice of woman 1: midwestern accent

Voice of woman 2: midwestern accent


Scene Sets: German car is sitting at gas station. Woman 1 gets out of the car and goes inside to the gas station.


Woman 1: (mumbles with attitude) “I guess i’ll get this tank, again.”


*woman 1 walks into gas station. A few seconds later Woman 2 gets out of the car.


Gas cap: (whistles) “Yoohooo”


Woman 2: (points to herself) “Me?”


Gas cap: “Yes. What is it that you think you are doing? If you were a real friend you would Venmo Rachel?”


Narrator: “Venmo. Money Talks.”


*Scene changes to open gas cap left open when the car starts to pull away


Gas cap: “Wait!!!! You forgot to close me , You arschgeige!”

AD: Avery Slotin

CW: Walker Bowen